Coolant Anti freeze 86000ALP

Antifreeze Low Phosphate Concentrate

This Long life silicate-free antifreeze is based on Phosphated Organic Additive Technology (P-OAT) and is especially suitable for use in Japanese and Korean vehicles. This high quality antifreeze is extremely suitable in engines manufactured from aluminium, cast iron or combinations of the two metals and in cooling systems made of aluminium or copper alloys. MPM 86000ALP antifreeze should be diluted with at least 30% demineralized water before use and does not contain nitrites, borates nor amines.


  • ASTM D3306 / D6210
  • Honda Type 2
  • JIS K 2234-2006 Class II
  • Mazda FL22
  • Mitsubishi Dia Queen Super Long life Coolant
  • Nissan L255N
  • Subaru 16218
  • Suzuki (Super) Long Life Coolant
  • Toyota TSK 2601G-8A

Μονάδες συσκευασίας

μέρος αριθ όγκος ανά μονάδα ανά παλέτα Κωδικός EAN
86001ALP 1 L 6 8714293079774
86005ALP 5 L 4 8714293079705
86020ALP 20 L 1 8714293009528
86060ALP 60 L 1 8714293009597
86205ALP 205 L 1 8714293009665
86999ALP 1.000 L 1 8714293009733
P86000ALP Όγκος 1 8714293014812